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Be Your Environment = Bin Your Empties

Our Infrastructure & Incentives:

Our festival experience has taught us that if festival life is made easy for people they will recycle and pitch in to clean up after themselves. And when incentivized and rewarded they are even more likely to do this. BYE just steers the arc of human nature!

Our Bag Distribution:

Clear bags = cans

Green bags = mixed recyclables

Brown bags = compost (optional)

Teams of around 10 rubbish reminders radiate from each BYE station into the campsite distributing our bags. In the past we have handed bags out at festival entrance points and at festival walk in. However we now prefer to time bag distribution to coincide with people just settling into the campsite. This is because people tend to be more open to our message (more relaxed, not drunk yet, etc) and we like to hand out the bags in clear sight of the Bin Your Empties stations.

Our Stations:

We install BYE stations in busy, high visibility points throughout the various campsites. These are neat, 3m x 3m rustic-style wooden Gazebos marked by tall purple flags. We also install a 9m x 12m Mega BYE station - a chill space with music and green info and small workshops on rubbish art. These stations are manned for an agreed period of time, e.g. 11am - 6pm. People simply bring back their full bags of recyclables and receive a reward... easy!

Our Incentive Rewards:

Our favourite incentive ‘hand out’ is a T-shirt, individually designed and branded for each festival - the reward, by far, that wins the greatest response. A valuable incentive like this does require extra budget. However, we have also used free beer and invitations to secret parties as incentives too!

Our Art:

In our experience if the BYE stations are merely waste drop off points they fail to attract the attention needed. If we start juggling, playing some music or making sculptures the stations begin to take on a personality of their own. They become quirky hives of activity and lure people over to them organically. So our style is to encourage our staff and our fellow festival-goers to make the stations as artistic, active and lively as they desire!!! We also have the best underground DJs with the opportunity for people to play their tunes with D.I.Y DJs allowing anyone to plug in their MP3 player, iPod or any other format and enhance the vibe!

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