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Be Your Environment = Environmental Management Company

Who We Are:

BYE is an environmental management company for festivals. We are a group - an ‘Ark’ - of artists, creatives, musicians, carpenters, sculptors, fun-loving zany festival fans, eco-warriors and counter-culture cadets. We are united by our passion to preserve nature and the environment by promoting respect and responsibility for them. Nature provides the stage upon which festivals take place. The animals, birds, creatures, trees, plants and flowers live in these environments all year round. At festivals, the audience essentially just climbs through a hole in the hedge in their tens of thousands for a few days of entertainment, enjoyment and letting go. This is to be encouraged! But it is our view that it does not have to be at the expense of the environment.

Our Aim:

To change the attitude and behaviour of festival audiences by encouraging them to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR OWN WASTE.

Our Approach:

We do this in two key ways: firstly, by making it easy for people to 'Bin Your Empties' by providing infrastructure and incentives; secondly, using art as our vehicle we highlight the issue of festival waste and make it fun - and even a little cool!

Our Style:

People go to festivals to have fun and share a good time. So do we. And it is in this spirit of fun that we transmit our message. We are fellow fun-loving festival folk and we present ourselves as such. We interact with people in fun-loving ways that acknowledges they are there to have fun. And as part of the groovy vibe we have some cool systems to make having fun even better!

Our Experience:

Established in 2007 we are now in our fourth year. Electric Picnic (Ireland) has been the festival we have cut our teeth on. We have tried many things, some worked and achieved outstanding results, others did not do so well. We have used these initial years to refine what we offer - our ‘products’ - and have distilled this down to our four most effective core strategies which together with our additional services come under the collective sphere of Be Your Environment’s synonym - Bin Your Empties:

Our BYE Products:

  1. Stations & Incentives

  2. Rubbish Arts HQ

  3. The Green Theatre

  4. Rubbish Campsite Parties

Our Bye-BYE Products:

  1. Site examination and strategic placement of recycling points and stations

  2. Communication with the on-site cleaning company and the outside waste contractor to facilitate an integrated approach

  3. Research into available waste contractors to identify systems that will attain the greatest levels of recovery and recycling

  4. Oversee the delivery of audit certificates and statistics logged by the waste contractor

  5. Reclaim revenue on behalf of the festival from the recycled waste that is sold.