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Be Your Environment = The Green Theatre

Our Rubbish Arts HQ:

The Rubbish Arts HQ becomes the focal point for the artistic component of Be Your Environment’s festival presence, with a workshop area and an open gallery space for interactive sculptural rubbish art. We also install a cinema showing a variety of movies highlighting the current global ecological crises and serve chai tea for free! The Rubbish Arts HQ provides an important support to the field work we do in a festival campsite. It is where people can see the result of the BYE arc as we try to motivate them to embrace our ideas. Festival-goers are encouraged to drop in and see what is going on and to get involved helping us flatten cans, cut holes in bottles and make ‘Rubbish’ art that shows their waste actually being reused creatively. The HQ becomes a nice festival feature in its own right. During the day it is a great place for families to drop by for free tea where there are always plenty of fun activities for children, including: mask making, fashion shows, puppetry, theatre performances and story telling. At night we light up the sculptural rubbish art and play movies and music!

Our Rubbish Bailing and Compacting:

For this element of our Green Theatre we install onsite bailing machines housed within an artistically decorated recycling yard adjacent to the Rubbish Arts HQ. We can provide vehicles and manpower to collect the waste from our stations and bring it back to the recycling yard. Here we have a team of people who run through the waste to segregate it further before feeding it into the bailing machines. This is all done on a demonstration basis and it is a great way to show how the waste that is being recovered is actually treated. We do not have the capacity to process the 100’s of tons that is generated on site and our Bailing and Compacting is merely a show-and-tell of what happens behind the scenes when the waste leaves the site. This is why we call it ‘Green Theatre’.

Our Mega Rubbish Campsite Party:

Drawing on our past experiences generating word of mouth about Be Your Environment, we discovered that our 50 - 60 Rubbish Reminders working ‘in the field’ face to face with an audience was proving logistically challenging in terms of hitting the ‘tipping point’ where ‘everyone would get it!’

Therefore, to combat this, we started holding an after-hours, full-frills, respectable and respectful Rubbish Campsite Party in our Mega Station. Inviting people along to our creative space in the heart of the main campsite to enjoy those all-to-appealing small hours of the morning has proved to be THE festival HIT time and again. The only catch is: no rubbish no entry! Our rationale for the Mega Rubbish Campsite Party is simple - if we can get people talking about recycling and Be Your Environment on a mass scale we can affect greater change, faster. And there is no greater conversation stimulator than giving festival fans what they want - another party within the party!

Thus the Mega Rubbish Campsite Party at our Mega Station acts as a beacon drawing festival-goers to the after-hours fun they seek and encourages them to return with their rubbish to drop-off in the daylight hours when we hold random art workshops and creative activities at the station. The Mega Rubbish Campsite Party is a key component of the overall BYE festival arc.

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